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Monday, November 20, 2017

month 16.4

 New district, Davenport, collado, Ison, and Climaco

 New companion
 Patos, my city
 Kevin the armadilho

 Valeira being "cool"
 There´s a big recreational center close to our house
Pie in face activity

 I pied Climaco

 Gabriel´s batism

Our chapel

 Helping everyone to church

 Playing with the dog
 Climaco crying because of onions
 That stare though
The new drug called "Onions"

Monday, November 13, 2017

Month 16.3

 Leite when he recieved transfers

 Saying bye to evryone in Dunas

 Flavio and Fabio

 Fabiola and Valdez
 Larissa and Alice


 this is how much time I have left on the mission

 Dinner at Edina´s



 Valera going to lunch
 Saying bye to marcos and leite
 New house, still using that chair

 Country dance at the church


 |Collado and Davenport starting the transfers baptizing

Viva being "cool"