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Monday, January 15, 2018

Month 18.2

 Santos is a strange one

 the cool kids

 Let´s go to church!
 Fagundes wresting Kevin

 Foot volley

 The Flamego school


 Try to spot the chameloen

Monday, January 8, 2018

Month 18

 District duck butt
 Lugen thinkin about those baptisms

 Lugen is just wierd

 The only green part in Patos
 Football in the rain

 Kevin and Manoel trying to marry Paula

Monday, January 1, 2018

Natal/Ano Novo

 Climaco saying bye to everyone
 Love it when I´m perfect
 Family home evening

 The cool kids of Patos

 Tawaina didn´t even put down her phone to say bye
 Christmas package!
 I think my family thinks I´m not eating enough sweets

 Christmas center

 Kevin and I

 District ducks

 Gabriel and Felipe with us

 everythings christmasy
 Chistmas dinner

 Marlus´s family

 Natal in Caico

 just some pato sights

 look at this spud
 divisions with the kids

 Baptism for a kid in the ward who turned 8



 Batismo do Samira
 Samira and Gabriel

everyone saying bye to Janderson
 thug life
 Rene wants to go down
Manoel traping people in the closet