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Monday, October 16, 2017

Month 15.3

 Teaching Jhoesph how to play piano
 McClary and Lugen

 Dodgeball for mutual

 Running at the church

 Helping a sister in Pajuçara paint her house

 Mateus "Helping" out

 Freakin rain
 Forgot my pen in the rain

 Happy Bday Demetter

 That after church chat tho

 Freakin took my camera and took pics

Distrito Pajuçara

Monday, October 9, 2017

Month 15.2

 Getting ready to leave cleaning up

 My New planner, prophets all day every day
 Soup at Fabiola

 Look at zona sul

 Saying bye to Amorim before he leaves
 Freaking wierd rubix cube
 AÇAI with the gang
 Elder McClary
 And Leite´s son Elder Demetter
 Our calender of washing machine
 Leite stealing my camera

 The black is back
 Nasceu o batizador

 Lunch at Irma Elizabete
 LMA Meeting
Oh Vagner