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Monday, December 11, 2017

Month 17.2

 21st birthday, with 4 liters of Açai!

 Tawaina surprised us with a bday cake

 Vovo da macunha

 Then Vanessa and Paula surprised with another cake as well

 Vanessa is shy with pics

 This is a herb called tetere. You put juice in it
Then you drink it with this staw called, "The Bomb". No really that´s it´s name

Monday, December 4, 2017

Month 17

Heading out to a mountain called Espinho branco with some of the youth
Amanda complaining it´s too hot
We got a while to go

"Do you want to hear the gospel?"
"Se Deus quiser"
At least know Climaco has a friend

Camile, queen of the world.

We´ve arrived

Were almost there!

We´ve found Adam´s altar

The cool kids
Yep that´s Patos

Man that sunset tho

Tawana being tired and being a penguin
One street knows how to Natal
chicken little

Janderson got his mission call, to são paulo Interlagos