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Monday, April 24, 2017

Month 9.2 - 9.3

 When you win in Ping Pong

 Caliber´s PS4
 Hilton trying to be cool
 After work for diner we went to an all you can eat Pizza place
 We had a competition who could eat the most Pizza

 The shame
 Piece #10
 Duo won with 15 pieces
Pres Collioni
 With the Natal flag
 Faris #mygroup
 Sisters Photobombing
 Elder Almedia
 Prez and me
 I´m the hero the mission needs
 Ochoa #mygroup
 One training the sisters made a giant ear cleaner
 On the main street of Parnamirim the Lights went out so traffic was at a stand still
 for a looooonnnnnnnnnng time
 Even got backed up to our house
 Samuel took a pretty tired photo of Duo
Speakers for the Bar B Q

 This is a grill in Brazil, pretty basic

 Probably my last game of Skip Bo here in Monte Castelo
 Tower of Baptism and confirmation
 Found 100 dollars in a little Spanish book

 Pretty much tore the book apart
 My mark on this house. "In memory of Pizza, Açai, internet, and Doritos"
 Duo taking a walk

 This is what a holiday looks like here in Brazil. Nothing
 We did a dare challenge, mine was to have Pedrinho lay down in the dirt
 Pedrinho´s was to have me sit on top of some bricks

 Easter in Primary

 When that after church hunger hits
 Love it when I´m perfect

Monday, April 10, 2017

Month 9.1

Buying 3rd party açai

well at least it was cheap

When you got the power to control the AC

Gotta love the rain.......

Souza doing a handstand
But Nhantole one uped him

 Apocalipse coca cola
 When we empty the baptismal font, The water empties into the sidewalk


We found Jesus and God in our ice cream