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Monday, August 14, 2017

Month 13.2

 This is one of the shoping centers here in Natal. Unfortunatly missionaries can´t go in
 Look at this beautiful views
 Love Natal
 Look at this beautiful Santa Catarina
 Santo´s dinner on the left, my burger on the right
 Sleeping outside the house
 The crew

Santo sleeping
 My football team. The Saints!

 Elder´s quorm starting off
 Jadson giving me the death stare
 The choir of Dunas
 The dinner table.... Ah it feels good
 Pday cooking at sister Fatima´s house

 The holy team :P

 Cordon bleu
 Ah that smells good

 Thug life

 cutting that green coconut

 Fatima and Regina

Monday, August 7, 2017

Month 13.1

 My selection of soccer teams
 Reporter Santos on the scene
 When the brazilians see your nerf gun so they buy their own
 And war happens
 The face of a killer

 Oh boy I´m back in the land of Salgados $1

 doing this
 Mutual night
 We played a game called Noah´s arc
 The youth doing a skit
 The losers of the game doing ring around the roses

 The stake switched the locks but the members had to brake it because the stake president didn´t give the key to anyone
 The face of a killer
 The only true church here on the earth

 Man that´s a bunch of chocolate
 Thomas´s bday party
 He turned 8 years old!!!!!!! Baptism!!!!!!!!!
 Bispo Josivan and his family

 The ward to celebrate Thomas´s baptism
 That sunset though

 That slow shutter speed has a sense of humor
 This is a TV antenna

 You know just big holes in the ground

This could be a movie poster