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Monday, June 26, 2017

Month 11.3

Teaching João how to English
When you gotta save money so you make rations with tortillas and peanut butter
 Celebrating Father´s day this transfer with a cool planner
 Tiroca´s birds

 They sound really pretty
 I´m not sure, does the states sell corn and green beans in foil bags?
 This is why i like having lunch at irma Aldenide
 Just a chill telephone booth
 Cruz being chill
The peps after church

Monday, June 19, 2017

Month 11.1-11.2

 That feeling when something from america arrives..... guwawaua :P

 Gotta put the reglious stickers on it
 Heads up the food only lasted one week
 When you asked for 2 things of PB, and the fam doubles it

 Not one Skipbo
 not 3 skipBos
 but 5 skip bos

 These are acerolas. Think of a mix between limes and cherries
 Going to lunch through the swamp

 Cruz told me to not take pics. So I took pics :)

 To play on this field costs 80 reais por hour

 A brick factory

 Never really thought about how bricks were made

 Why does heat exists

 Why does distance exist as well
 Trying to do cool pics while we walk home
 Cruz agrees with me about the heat
 and the distance

 taking a school bus to stake conference

 At least it´s comfy

 bor lala

 kids these days
 going to Mosorro!

 The chapel in the centro
 Bispo Manoel drove the bus
 Sister Colleoni and I. (Everyone was doing pics with her so I jumped in)

 Alfaro and Giovani

 Stole my camera and took pics

 The cool kids
 The stake president invited some of the missionaries to lunch at his place

 Feels good to skip bo again

 pday football

 Elder Villela and Unklesberry

 just playin around with a football

 Helping the sisters move out of their old house

 why do sisters have sooooo much

 seriously why

 Going in the moving van to go to the new house. Except me, got front

 New House New Life
 Cruz being cruz
 Meyer being a buff boi
 I mean the sisters really sealed the deal with the new house
 Abacaxi juice and cookies
 The cooler kids

 We went to a pizzaria to celebrate Cruz´s one year mark on the mission
 Look at him he´s so happy :P Rare occasion

 Love it when I´m perfect

 So under Elder Cruz´s pillow
 are 2 loose screws. I´ll let you finish the joke
 He didn´t want to be rude and play his music loud so he did this

 Dalysson´s back!
 Having dinner with João, cake and burgers
 the bus station

 It´s how we get around everywhere

 Just a random fruit station here on the road

 What wierd eagles

 Borges stole my camera

Having lunch with the members in mossoro