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Monday, March 27, 2017

Month 8.3

 Elder Duo has an American Football
 Just tossing it around


 Elder Ison Champion of Skip Bo
 2 smug guys
 When you realize you have trash in your hand
 You played my card....
 When you deal with Brazillians trying to speak English
And it just doesn´t go anywhere

 Zone conference
 Us trying to pull off a human table

 Zone Parnamirim

 After a day of Elders you just need to lay down
 Everyone hugging Cruz
 District Jogga na Agua
 Tiago playing Xbox on the big screen
 Got bored and drew a fubecha

 2 future missionaries
 Julio´s dogs

 Julio´s film collection. Dad would be happy

 When fubechas leave behind movies

Month 8.2

 Throwing things to upset the Ping Ponging

 I feel like I could make a program called Tiago and Caliber
 Saying bye to Ana Claudia and the kids
 Brother Walter and his family
 Mini pizzas, or esfinas. 1 for 1 reai
 We ate through 3 boxes
 The standoff
 I´m ready, hit me
didn´t even hit him and he fell
 When you give a brazillian a Nerf gun
 Assasin Bal

 Oh how the tables turned
 firing in 3, 2, 1
 Volz and Pedrhino

 Found a new testament study guide in Spanish

It´s a miracle! a soda machine in Brasil
 I won the Monopoly contest
 And Souza bought me Subway
 The debt has been payed
 Me and Duo
 pics after church
 Mateus the cool kid

 part 2
 part 3