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Monday, September 19, 2016

Month 2.2

This is Sara, she´s the youngest of Duvica´s kids with David being the next oldest, and Sulvester being the oldest
James Bond would hate Portuguese
Thursday was Sister Brizuela´s 1 year anniversary in the mission so we went out for pizza.
Elder Augusto being a kid and looking at the toys
Just wrestling in the church.
This is scooby doo. Just a random dog that always follows Augusto when we walk by him.

Pretty sure the dinosaur count is in the 20´s by now
In brazil you learn to make a lot of makeshift things.
Thank goodness there´s only 2 more week of this politic crap. I´m pretty sure my ears are bleeding from all the fireworks.
Elder Matano is..... the Wolverine

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