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Monday, March 6, 2017

Month 7.4-8.0

 Just playing Ping Pong
 Tiago said the ground was colder, so he lied down
 The gold plates
 Souza = Moroni

 So some missionarios didn´t pay some of our energy so we were out for a few days

 Here in Brazil the water is heated through this eletric showerhead

 Sweet ride, still wishj I had a bike
 Prepping for sacrament meeting
 I like to take pics of the area so I can remember better

 Brother Walter and his super cool San Fran style wall


 So this salad is super interesting and good. It´s Lime, tomatoe, garlic, soy sauce, cucumber, and some water. It´s actually good
 Brazilians drink this herb that tastes like brocoli

 homemade mayonese

 The top of Walter´s house

 termal for food
 Janiliton playing Ping Pong

 Fernado making vids for Facebook

 Volzá lunch on the left, mine on the right
 I like to think that he´s hugging his plane ticket home
 So you know how in the states there isn´t a bunch of veges in a burger, it´s mostly the patty?
 Here it´s reversed
 When the tabernacle was small, and before the conference center

 The white handbook before it was white
 I swear this Guarnana is just great
Volz and I bought 4 liters of coca cola for the cup in the middle.

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