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Monday, June 5, 2017

month 11.1

 Just waitin for the bus
 That tower looks like something from Star Trek

 Love it when I´m perfect
 Cruz trying to be cool
 Just taking pics of one of our neighborhoods while we´re driving home.

 Getting ready to meet an Apostle while borrowing a suit from a member
 Looking good me
 One of the missionaries here can drink his energy drink in under an hour. Don´t watch what happens next
 This coachroach was flying around trying to land on us

 about the size of a middle finger
 The Elders in Costa Silva are borrowing a house and until the mission closes the deal we got to sleep with air conditioning. 1st time here in Brasil
 Cruz looking ready
 We left at 2 am to get to Natal
Going to Natal!

 Getting ready to take a picture with Elder Neilsen
 M silva being wierd
 The cool kids
 Driving through rain, just wanted to take a picture

 Going to lunch in noon sun
 Cruz got scared of a horse on the road
 pretty cautious
 We got Edick a new  fish tank
 Everyone getting ready for São João

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