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Monday, December 12, 2016

Month 4 - 5.2

 Freaking big avocados

 Looking through Carvalho´s coin collection
 Drawing a map of our area to put in our area book
 Elder Carvalho is trying to be a scout
 I love our Christmas tree

 The forbidden fruit
No it´s actually called a Caju fruit, it´s sweet at first and then gets bitter, it´s a strange fruit
 Playing around with a gun a member has

 It´s not active anymore
 Going through our reserve of peanut butter

 A member here is trying to be an English teacher so I wrote this for him

 The ward didn´t have any white pants so I wore a tight white suit

 Batismo de Juila!!

 One of the member´s has a pet hamster, which means Carvalho will play with it.

 Just trying to go pro

 Ohhhhhhhhh Brother Marden and the spicy nightmares we´ve had

 Pretta staring into your soul
 Me trying to grow a caju tree

 You know, just a casual humming bird
 So here in Brazil Bugs Bunny actually has the name long legs.......... yep checks out
 Rodando and his adoring fan
 Pay Day

 When you tell your zone leader that you´ll give him a one of a kind american tie.

 Chilling with the ZL´s

 A map of Natal

Einstein knows how to baptize
 Eating cake while we wait for Carvalho´s apointment

 Ya sure ya wana eat that buddy?
 Pastel sheets to make pastels
 Finally found some freakin tortillas
 So at the store they had some magnifying glasses for the cheeses
 The sea of Natal

 Walking down to the beach
 Love Natal

 Guys I touched sand again!!!

 We climbed up this sand dune and watched some people sand board

 Our zone leaders had a freaking huge box of liahonas and ensigns in English and Portuguese. Here are all of the English ones
 Elder Mehl doing.......that
 Eating a bannana with no hands
 Goleiro vs Baptizer
 The focus
 Trying to toss tape on a hook

 we didn´t do it
My new scripture case Carvalho made for me

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