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Monday, December 19, 2016

Month 5.3

 So this little beauty is called a´s a fruit
 Shoutout to Elder Price who told me about it
 So the fruit is actually just around the seeds and it tastes like yellow laffy taffy

 The rest of the fruit is super sticky

 I think it looks like a face hugger from Alien
 Pretty much all Mehl before his mission ended
 Found an Ensign with the 1st presidency being reorganized

 Carvalho has a shirt like the sign so I took a pic for him
 BOM in English for Matius and Mateus
 Mateus reading it in English
 Nene Mateus and us
 Just walking to lunch

 Playing house. 2 people make a house and one person goes in the middle. Then based on what the shouter shouts the house moves, the person has to find a new house, or just everyone makes a new set
 So in the CTM I bought this with my companions because we thought it was you know.. coconut milk. However when we tried to eat it it was solid. So I went around tipping it over and tricking people until dinner. Then we microwaved it and poured it over our rice. It was then we realized it´s actually a cooking ingredient and we laughed.
This one expires when my mission ends
Matius and Mateus at church
Preta being controlled by Rodnado

It´s been raining for the past 2 days give or take
In summer
Rodnado dancing in the rain

Carol being sassy
da tranquil
uh what

The dinner after the coral
The cool kids
Our mini tree

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