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Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas and New Years 2016/17

Chilling with the zone before the Christmas conference

Making our captain moroni banner with a baptism record

Santa is ready people!
A Rainbow before our natal conference

It disappeared before I took this photo
Conference time!
Our baptism tree

Elder Seidman and I 6 months in
Preping for our Christmas foto
Gettin ready to hear the conference

My 1st baptism!
Chillin with the cool kids
Every zone had to do a skit
Sister Fillips copying me and my camera
Zone Mossoro
How does a president do a transfer? He doesn´t know
When an American makes a contact. All the Brazillians do is ask things in English
When Coca Cola arrives at lunch

Missionaries just love baptizing primaries
When you try and do the 1st vision and everything around you goes wrong
Children wanting to see magic
"You used to send me all your emails." (PArody of the Drake cell phone song)
Missionary com força
Missionaries without tech
thug life
Yes he ripped his pants
Good save guys
Laban using the bronze "family search"
Sons of lehi hyped about getting some wives
Bus trip back

2 Santas and açai
took a pic of Carvalho spining his ring

Eu e Ochoa
Sister Fillips thinking about home

Got a Christmas package!
Thug life

dude I got to go man
selfies to pass the time

Zona Potengi before transfers

hot dogs, they´re a lot different here because it´s more meat on top of the dog than the actual dog.
Elder Rio and me
 Chocolate for days. (litterally still have most of it at ome)

 Presents from home
 CBC, it´s as easy as 1 2 3
 a lot of people here have cool little paper things like this

 So this fruit is a crauja (I think), or starfruit

 Carvalho teaching Dallysin how to dance

 sassy carvalho
 and the effects
 our christmas tree
 presents for carvalho and rodnado
 found a dead grasshopper

 No serriously this is marvelous. It´s hard to find toilet paper here in Brasil, we usually just take some from the church because we can´t find it.
 rain baby
 This is apple juice folks, live with it
 Playing Poker New Years Eve
 Hair before

 New year!!
 Carvalho mentos and coke

 The aftermath of New Years Eve. There is literally no one here on the streets

Love it when I´m perfect

 Will and his mission shirt (He served in Sao Palo)
 Yes now I have black hair. New Year New Doo

 Just some pics of our area give or take

 Went to Alecrim and bought stuff. Tried looking for Monopoly, couldn´t find it
 Bought these bootleg cards just for you Justin and Dylan.

 We found a broken speaker at our LZ´s house and Carvalho fixed it up
just the sky because it´s awesome
district P day

 Paradeda and me
 Playing with our my nerf gun

 Just M. Silva

 Rio and Quinho

 Ronado buying soup while the rest bought açai
Carvalho and açai

 just dancing around


 Porke and his beans

 Little known fact spock is in the Jesus Christ visits the Americas
 found some snails

 Zone Potengi
 This is the north zone of Natal
Thinking about the heart of the cards

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