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Monday, February 20, 2017

Month 7.3

 When you decide to hang out, you buy coca
 These guys are pretty much addicted to Skip Bo now

 Souza being the camera man

 Ping Pong and cards

Lucas taking our pics

 The master
 Love it when I´m perfect
 Making tacos, sorry ´crepes´

 The chef has arrived
 Yes Dominos does exist here, and it´s expensive
 Conference das Zonas
 M Silva, Cain, and Rotela
 Gotta love when President calls the missionaries for lunch
 My group that works here in the capital
 The cool kids
 Just singing the hymn of the mission

 So you would think, "Ah a regular baptism font, decently sized, blah, blah, blah"
 Nope flippin small
 Team white for activity night
 people had to bring things relating to some scriptures and show them off

 Team blue brought a mattress
 Then there was guess that tune
 When you wake up on Sunday to the sound of rain...... then think about you´re investigators
 Baptism de Pedro!

 That´s a lot of spagetti
 The chef has arrived
 I am Ison, Son of Zion
 Brasil even bootlegged Wheel of Fortune
 Dinner with Glauber and Max
 I kinda want to make a thug life pic with this
Just drinking holy Guarnana

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