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Monday, April 3, 2017

Month 8.4

 Cruz smashed his arm in a door. The saddness
 Plan of attack for ward lunches
 Ping Pong pics

 This was in our zone leaders house
night life
 Cake for Nhantole´s bday

 did divisions and held a parrot

 Nhantole´s "African" cake

 dancing for Africa
 waiting for the bus

 cool kid
 man this area just reminds me of California

 After we got off our bus, another car crashed into our bus

 Trying to eat, being bombared by Brazillians......My life

 Just sleeping after Ping Pong
 Conference time
 Duo trying on Cruz´s suit

 Souza´s and Duo´s "courting"
 Cool kid
 Raposo´s new car
 Alder Bal´s new dog. Brings the total to 3
 Eating chocolate, cheaply!
The suave crew

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