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Monday, April 24, 2017

Month 9.2 - 9.3

 When you win in Ping Pong

 Caliber´s PS4
 Hilton trying to be cool
 After work for diner we went to an all you can eat Pizza place
 We had a competition who could eat the most Pizza

 The shame
 Piece #10
 Duo won with 15 pieces
Pres Collioni
 With the Natal flag
 Faris #mygroup
 Sisters Photobombing
 Elder Almedia
 Prez and me
 I´m the hero the mission needs
 Ochoa #mygroup
 One training the sisters made a giant ear cleaner
 On the main street of Parnamirim the Lights went out so traffic was at a stand still
 for a looooonnnnnnnnnng time
 Even got backed up to our house
 Samuel took a pretty tired photo of Duo
Speakers for the Bar B Q

 This is a grill in Brazil, pretty basic

 Probably my last game of Skip Bo here in Monte Castelo
 Tower of Baptism and confirmation
 Found 100 dollars in a little Spanish book

 Pretty much tore the book apart
 My mark on this house. "In memory of Pizza, Açai, internet, and Doritos"
 Duo taking a walk

 This is what a holiday looks like here in Brazil. Nothing
 We did a dare challenge, mine was to have Pedrinho lay down in the dirt
 Pedrinho´s was to have me sit on top of some bricks

 Easter in Primary

 When that after church hunger hits
 Love it when I´m perfect

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