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Monday, May 15, 2017

Month 9.4 - 10.3

Don´t have time to put in subtitles but I will next week
One of the families in Monte Castelo these 2 are getting ready to go on missions
Flavio, Felipe, Adriana, and Syndey
Mini pizzas to say goodbye
Hilton had a bit too much
saying goodbye to Pedrhino
The final stack
This is the soccer stadium in Natal
Going to Assu

Thinking hard

When you gotta engineer to make your hammock work

This is the other side of the bathroom
Back in the house with Elder de Carvalho
My stepson Elder Bispo (Missionary lingo)
In front of the church
Trying to take a selfie

There is just this wierd pub in the middle of Assu
Very british
Getting pumped for soccer

Going to the field in Bishop´s car

Super Bispo!

And we´re there
all grass, it´s hard to find synthetic grass

Going home, trying to stay away from tree branches
Revane being Spiderman

Nighttime assu

o que jabba é isso. Really what bug is this
shooting darts into a box
Unfortunatly in Brasil it´s hard to make real pancakes.
After church chilling
Our mission house
the missionaries were sad to find that this nerd shop was closed. (I was a little too)
1st time going to Mcdonalds here in Brasil
The menus are not the same, maybe a little better

Our lunch, not very extravagant
Ladies and Gentlemen, after anticipation and $20 reais, I can conclude that Mcdonalds is the same or little lesser than Mcdonalds in the states
Mannnnnn did the secretary´s house get a big upgrade then from when I first came to Natal

Irma Aldenide´s wall of missionarios
I remember I used to have these steel balls with bells in them. Now I found another. Seem wierd?

We pelted Cruz with little plant balls, good thing it´s Sunday and we´re off to talk with our families for mother´s day

Don´t worry too much mom I know how to put enough food on my plate

Cruz is pretty shy

Edick posing for the camera
We were trying to get Elder Bispo to cry

he eventually got a cup of water and dabed his eyes with water

But Cruz actually cried, me and de Carvalho got pics of him
Family time!

The cool kids part 2

You gotta love it when it´s early and pretty
Going to Mossoro

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