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Monday, November 14, 2016

Month 4.2

 The lan house where we do our emails

 I´m trying to convince people that Carvalho looks a bit like frodo baggins

 Our house

 Just playing pool after district meeting

 We accidently did this

 Our chapel and the area around it

 One of the main roads in Natal
 No that dark part isn´t the city, it´s no moon.........It´s rain

 Our pet scorpion, I think I´ll call him Sub-zero. (Hit me up if you get the joke)
 Our pet coachroach

 The ward holds integration activities every wednesday, kinda like mutual. This week was relay races

Me and the ward leader being clowns
 To that one person out there who asked if Brazil has chocalate money. The answer is yes
 Don´t know why but these 2 german men creep me out
 celebrating Rodnado´s BDay

 Yes that is a blowdart gun, no Carvalho did not kill the lizard he was aiming at
 Ok so last week it was a daughter like megan. This week a missionary who looks like Stephen B.
 Freddy, the dog of a member family
 Carvalho, Luzia, and me
Carvalho training to be a parent
 The other elders had a baptism for Lucas. He was a little shy

 Guess what I caught last night
 Yes a lizard, still thinking of a name

And yes I brought my beachchair to Natal. See ya

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