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Monday, November 7, 2016

Month 4.1

 We celebrated Matano´s Bday last Pday

 G Silva and Trage made this for me last transfer and now I´m going to use it durring this transfer,

 Water balloons!!

 Twiddle dee on the electric pole

 We were emptying the baptism font so we just carried buckets outside and continued the water fight

 Henry Sappo has been resurected
 Family of Gulducha and Joseline

 Augusto and Evans leaving
 Even Scooby Doo came to sa goodbye

 After the rain.... it´s still hot in Sousa
 Matano would fit in Oakland

 This is the store where we pretty much bought everything
 The Soda that really matters, Guarnana

 Saying bye to Joseline
 and Joao too
 Apparently after Halloween its a holiday to go and visit the dead

 Just watching American Politics
 The last Supper
 When a Brazillian realizes there isn´t anymore Coke

 Loading up for the Onibus
 In Natal the pet is fish
 Kinda reminds me of that area close to the Church back in Cali
 My new study area
 The center of Natal
 And we were still in Natal
 So do girl heroes use drugs?

 One of the members has a daughter that looks like Megan S. (Even has the same sassy pose :P)
 Just looking at the ocean
 We have a super big area. Sometimes for lunch we have to go to members by bus
 sneak peak at Natal
Elder Carvalho and me 

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