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Monday, November 21, 2016

Month 4.3

 So our coachroach ate the scorpin....... good dreams
 Buggy the Lizard just chilling
 We also have some pet fish that Carvalho owns.
 Carvalho also owns some skates
 what happens when you live in Brazil? This

 Our drugs
 Na it´s actually a thing Brazillians drink. Just add agua
 When it rains. It rains

 2 fancy men ready for an apostle. I´m facing America for some reason
 Highways of Natal
 Natal symbol
 Guys I think I might be important
 It wouldn´t be a conference without R$1 cokes
 The chapel where we had our conference with Elder Redlund
 Our bus
 The 3 wise men on a road

 A giant Christmas tree in Natal
A giant carnival
 We tried to do the bottle flip. Did it twice

 Zona Potengi!
 Elder Souza likes pictures
 There was a missionary who looked a lot like me and literally everyone and their mom´s say that I look that Elder Giles
 Apparently there´s a type of Guarana that tastes like bubble gum.

 Ain´t he a beauty girls
 Buggy again
 When the bus is empty I like to take pics of Extremos

 The Quadrants that Elder Redlund talked about
 Our Christmas tree near our house
Our district at the CTM

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