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Monday, February 6, 2017

Month 7.1

 Elder Carvalho decided to sit on me while we played domino

 just chillin and playin

 So here in Brasil they have sticker books every now and then where you can buy these packs
 and they come with a sticker or two and a card
 and you buy  the book and put the stickers in

 If you complete a number you win stuff like a stove, hat, sandwich maker to name a few
 here in Brasil they have a program called retornavel where you just buy the juice and return the bottle, and it´s cheaper.
Helped Ronado get pokemon on his phone
 final thoughts
 Buff man and Coke man

 Tossin a frisbee into a trash can in our house

 Love it when I´m perfect
 Stuffed to the brim.
Got to see Santos and da Rosa again at the bus station
 New House

 We live kinda in the middle of everything

 Found this while cleaning our house
 My new hammock I bought in Alecrim (don´t worry dad I haggled and got it cheap)
 What ya gotta do to relax in a hammock
 That´s right people house 3 transfer 5 and the beach chair is still here
 And Volz is happy that it is

part 2
 Just playing around after Saturday´s activity

 Me and Pedro
 And I thought Cidade do Sol was the walking dead

 Volz being....Volz
Elder Souza being.... Souza

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