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Monday, February 13, 2017

Month 7.2

 Just playing Ping Pong on Pday
 Our cool group
 A sister made us Ice cream for lunch
 Some pics of the new area

 We made a Monopoly Winning chart between me and Sousa, right now I´ve won 3 times as many games as he has
 We the supply drop comes
 Zona Parnamirim
 When you try to do a funny photo and everyone gets rowdy
 Souza, Ntanhole, and me
 When you´re bored and you want to be a spy

 Our fridge broke and we can sell it and keep the cash. Score!
 Our cabinet also broke, I swear we didn´t do it

 Volz smash
 Our LMA and planing stuff
 Shout out to California and del valle (the mountain)
Why can´t homes in the us be built for hammocks

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