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Monday, July 10, 2017

Month 12

 Happy 4th everyone
 1st time Cruz has bought medience by himself
I said congrats
 True blooded american
 Cruz being shy

 Super shy
 Got bored thought I would do that typical missionary thing and take pics
Hope you´re not too sick mom, I´m not
 Children and the CIA. Didn´t know the CIA was braching out

 This is a long story but everyone who knows will laugh

 So bitcoin is still a thing here. Is it in the states
Beautiful rainbow
 Cruz´s book

 S.S. baptizer

 Cruz trying to wear glasses
 Beautiful sunset
 I have a friend, Baina who made me this board for my 1 year
 Last Sunday that Vitor´s at church

 The true men of Assu
 Cruz trying to sleep before lunch
 Mossoro trying to make Cruz Brasil´s next top model

 Last minute pics before internet

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