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Monday, July 17, 2017

Month 12.1

 Açai before transfers with everyone

 Cruz trying to be cool
 Last lunch with Aldenide

 Cruz being cruz in the hammock
 He´s so cute, the sisters tell him
We got a bunch of baggage
 Luckily for us a guy on the side of the road told us he could give us a lift to the bus station with this truck
 Last time Elder Cruz and I are together
 That moment when you realize you got a bit of toothpaste on your lip
 Leaving Assu

 Arriving in Natal

 Elder Santos and I
 Everyone trying to fit in the taxi

 It was crowded in the back.

 Lisboa faking the piano
 But he can pull off the look
 Mutal night!
 Parque das Dunas

Elder A. Silva
 I´m back in the north zone of Natal. The 2nd time I´m here
 New house new desk to mess up
 Elder Santos being fresh, Falabela took the photo

 Still using the chair. Viva la praia!
 This is how some of the streets look in Dunas

 Marley, a dog of a member.
 He has 2 months, But he´s a retriver so he´ll grow super big.
 The Dunes!!!!

 Bringing everyone home after church
 I love it when I´m perfect

Falabela like to take wierd pics with my camera

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