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Monday, July 31, 2017

Month 12.4

Brother Ronildp´s fish tank

That afterlunch coma though
The most famous pizza in Natal wasssss ok
Oh peanut
This was a bday present for an investigator, Caio
Zone conferences!

Querino, Rio
The best group that came
oh duo

The companion reunions
Familia Souza

What cha looking at?

He´ll never go home

just baptize!
Whoop Whoop
Hi mom I´m alive

oh Amorim

I´ll get fat at home
The hunger strikes
The after effects

Ammorim, Santos, Webb, and me
Seidman and I
 Falabella looks like he´s in the mafia

 A. Silva joins the mix
 Getting ready to get spiritual

 De Jesus in the house
 Orozimbo haha

 oh Falabella

 Mom I´m Alive!

 The rainy beach going home

 Trying to be cool
Maria being ready
 Trying to cut chocolate super fast before someone gets a 6

 Birthday party for Alice!
 Lele, and Alanny
 That cake though
 Todo mundo junto!


the ant - Jadson
 Sunday = cake (cause we can)
 Look how happy he is to buy a new camera
 The old area happiness!!!!!
 The crew
 Subsituting Skip Bo for Poker
 The focus
 Oh Nooooooooooo
 oh hilton
 The killing face
Until next time

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