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Monday, October 24, 2016

Month 3.3

 Elder Matano and Peter climbed up to a platform above one door
 Just chillin with sorvette
 Accirding to my calculations the baptism rate still needs to increase
 So Elder Peter found a frog on the street and now Henry Sappo lives with us

 Exculding the green square from left to right from top to bottom: Brizuela, Peter, Me, Da Rosa, Matano, Augusto, R Santos, and Senes
 Finally got a picture of my first baptism
 The sister in the middle helped one of the best families in Sousa get baptized
 When Brazillians get a football

 It´s America versus Brazil. Unfortunately America lost
 Batismo for Jonathan (Peter and Matano)

 Just teaching kids about baptism

 When the water is a little dirty but we don´t have time to empty it

 Just the regular running of the bulls
 Jonathan trying to be cool
 Maldanado trying to read
 When the kids play with Snapchat
 Batismo for Sabonette

 Augusto is pretty much into funk
 Maria Augusta and her friend
 All of our psquesidaors/recent converts at stake conference
 Henry Sappo

 Francissca made everyone dinner to celebrate Amelia leaving for Sao Palo

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