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Monday, October 31, 2016

month 3.4

 baptism for valesca

 for the 1st time, durring the dry season, we got rain last night
 Baptismo for Denis an investigator of the sisters
 Priscela and Valesca
 Grumpy Victor
 Before lunch we asked a guy named Andre for a ride

 batismo de Valesca

 a rowdy bunch of kids and teens
 Batismo for the other elders

 Andre again
 Just sword fighting for Pday
 Baptism for paluo

 Our grand baptism on sunday

 Twiddle de and twiddle dum trying to pet a horse
 What did you say about not getting baptized
 Durring lunch with Joseline, Trocada showed us how she pounds/lossens meat. In this with a big stick.

 a mini one
 reminds me of camping


 Paulo and Andrew

 just singing in the rain
 going for a trip
 Senes tried with Santos........this is the result
 Matano collasped from laughter

 total district


 boys of Boa Vista

 Augusto trying to take the perfect pic
 tuesday night football

 So one day we came back and when we looked in henry sappo´s home he wasn´t there anymore. So either he jumped out and went down the drain. Or he was like Alma and was truly a spiritual frog
 civil war

 sister senes and the boys

 Paulo has a dog the same size and color as Roxy back home. Unfortunatly she´s still a puppy
 preping for volley
 lunch with Joselina and fam

 todo mundo

 when you get bored and start marking ads

 Batismo for mateus
I´m going to try and organize these better for next week

ate mais

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