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Monday, October 10, 2016

Month 3.1

 Bought this at an american store, best purchase of my mission
 Augusto agrees with me

 First zone shirt!
 The man on the shirt is our president President Collionei
 Our district (Without Senes or Brizuela)
 Gotta love walking to Sousa 1

 I´m not the missionary this mission wants, I´m the one it needs
 Our investagator Francisca and Djoakin have a mona lisa in their house

 Elder Augusto is the defintion of a kid

 I love it when I time a photo right
 This is usually what lunch looks like. Pasta, ricew, beans, and something else
 For some reason this week the water was super dirty. The church uses the local water from Sousa for baptism soooooooo........

 Francissco and Vitor

 This is Carlos he wanted to take a apicture with my camera
 Prisiclia batismo

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