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Monday, October 17, 2016

Month 3.2

 Just taking a picture with Elder Matano

 When you just gotta let the world know that you own the world #gangsta

 Eating ice cream
 I leave my camera alone for 2 minutes....

 Here´s an oppurunity for a rap cover
 Elder Evans dies after this transfer so we´re prepping the body
 Some Elders left Nerf guns in our apartment and now everyone is a cowboy/serial killer

 No Goalies
Never disapointed

 When you get your first taste of america after 3 months
 So in Brazil the missionaries believe in the Goleiro or Goalie. Which means that if you prevent or delay something you are shunned until you go to the Spirit World
 Sousa members at the Pac Man event

 One part was to drink a bottle of coke as fast as possible
 the next was to eat a cup of fruit as fast as possible
 Elder Augusto´s facebook pictures
 Batismo for Francis and Ardthur!!

 The ´Matano wink´

 We usually find old abandoned cars in Sousa

 To the left we see beautiful mountains a clear blue sky
To the right we see the mist that prevented people from eating from the tree of life
 Brother Framcisco´s car

 Zona Sousa!!!

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